Retina™ Collection

The most personal jewelry in the world

Retina™Ring – a secret declaration of love.

Fascinating und truly unique,

as individual as its wearer.


The retina is an extraordinary structure in our eyes in many ways: The winding paths of the retina vessels, running side by side, crossing and embracing each others are really beautiful and fascinating by itself. At the same time, this unique pattern is different in every human, like a fingerprint. Just so much more beautiful. And last but not least, the eye is said to be the window to the soul. Three good reasons why we chose the retina to be the basis for our Retina™Jewelry.

A symbol of special personal relation


Usually, we use a retina section of our customer’s favorite person (e.g. partner or child) for a piece of Retina™Jewelry. Exchanging such a deeply personal detail on a piece of Retina™Jewelry therefore is like a declaration of love. And just like your loved one, due to the retina’s individuality, each piece of Retina™Jewelry will exist only once in the world.

A beautiful secret


If you see a Retina™Ring the first time you will most likely find it very beautiful due to the organic and vivid windings of the polished vessels on matt background (without the knowledge of the story behind it). But importantly, there is a second layer on top of an already attractive piece of jewelry – which is the hidden secret of the pattern’s very personal story, the ring is telling. Hardly anyone (except maybe ophthalmologists) will recognize on first glance the nature of this special structure. Upon finding out that the beautiful ring you just got as a gift from your partner contains details of their eyes and therefore is not only unique but carries a hidden, absolutely personal signature, will fascinate you even more.

This little secret is an essential factor of a Retina™Ring’s attraction.

Retina-Anhänger 35mm Silber

Sophisticated jewelry far from mainstream 


On numerous international exhibitions (CH, D, F, A, UK,UAE), we convinced many customers of our Retina™Jewelry’s outstanding nature and beauty. The combination of an innovative idea with the very personal background of these beautiful and unique handmade pieces of jewelry is what places Retina™Jewelry far from mainstream. Besides rings, our Retina™Collection comprises earrings, cuff links, bracelets and pendants. They are perfect gifts not only for wedding anniversaries, but also birthdays or christmas.

Retina Ring 18 karat Gelbgold, 13 Brillanten

Worldwide shipping


We look forward to welcoming you in our store in Basel, Switzerland. For international customers, we put together some information to comfortable guide you through the ordering process so you can receive your piece of  Retina™Jewelry wherever you live as we ship worldwide. Our photorealistic visualizations make this process easy and comfortable to facilitate your decision making process before ordering.

Fotorealistische 3D-Animation für Kontrolle Ihrer personalisierten Retina®Ringe, als Grundlage für Ihre Auftragsbestätigung

Durable materials from fairtrade


The materials we select are very durable, ensuring the vessels on the outside of the ring withstand everyday challenges. They are strong enough to accompany you for a long period of time, so they’ll never wear off. Our ethical code demands that we only use precious metals that have been certified as fair trade.


Variations on the RetinaCollection


We offer several variations, e.g. vessels can face inwards instead of standing out. Also dual colour rings are available with a different precious metal for the base ring than for the vessels. Check out our whole RetinaCollection (Earrings, pendants, bracelets and cufflinks).

Did we spark your interest in our RetinaJewelry?


Learn more about how the idea of RetinaJewelry was born.

In addition to being the world’s only RetinaJewelry manufacturers, we produce a wide variety of different jewelry including wedding rings . Check out our main companies website to find out more about the materials we work with and further topics we engage in.

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