The RetinaRing®

RetinaRing ®

The most personal wedding ring in the world

Are You ready for the wedding ring of the future?

The eye is the window to the soul.

Your partner’s eye serves as a basis for the most personal ring you will ever wear. With my special camera I acquire beautiful pictures of your retina in an easy, rapid and painless process.

Using a special technique, I select characteristic segments of your retina images and transfer them onto the surface of your ring. And if you want, you can be part of this step – deciding, which section of your partner’s eye you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

Let me present to you our different ring variations – you can choose the material (yellow gold, white gold, red gold or platinum) and the width (5 – 10mm). In a photorealistic animation, I will illustrate how your unique ring will look, of which there will never be a second in the world!

The idea of the RetinaRing

Before I became a goldsmith I moved from my hometown Vienna/Austria to Basel/Switzerland to study a PhD in cell/neurobiology. For many years, I had been occupied with studies of natural subcellular structures and spent many nights staring into the microscope, being mesmerized by the most fascinating patterns, created by nature itself. As a jewelry designer, I created individual wedding rings for several years already before I felt the urge to invent a ring, not only aesthetically beautiful but also bearing a unique biological relation to my customers.

Like many others, I made rings that looked stunning, but I somehow felt they lacked what I would call personal identity. They simply were beautiful but not fascinating enough. I soon discarded initial ideas of somehow portraying DNA patterns, as from the idea of personalization they were fascinating but not beautiful. In my search for a more unique wedding ring, I then remembered the retina. Not only is it biometric, since it displays individual vessel patterns in each and every human, but it can also be accessed with a special camera non-invasively. The retina’s blood vessels come in a variety of diameters, each following its own special path, often crossing and wrapping around each other, and therefore met my expectations for an aesthetically attractive pattern.

The first beautiful & fascinating biometric ring is born

It didn’t take long to find an ophthalmologist who helped me getting the first imaging of the eyes of my wife and myself to start exploring my idea. In fact the eye specialist I talked to, found the idea “breathtakingly beautiful”, and being from the field, was obviously fascinated. My two goals (fascinating & beautiful) seemed to have been met!

Soon thereafter, the first two RetinaRings were cast! I further developed different techniques to design RetinaRings having the blood vessels facing outside or inside (or both), combining segments from both eyes of a couple into one ring, and even developing a kind of plastic 3D- impression, making the rings very vivid and fascinating my customers ever since.

Durable materials ensure high quality standards

The materials I select are very durable, ensuring the vessels on the outside of the ring withstand everyday challenges. They are strong enough to accompany you for a long period of time, so they’ll never wear off.

The RetinaCollection: Earrings, pendants and cufflinks

As a variation, I also offer ring designs with the vessels facing inwards or in a recent development, a dual colour ring with two different precious metals. Our retina collection is also available as RetinaEarrings, RetinaPendants as well as RetinaCufflinks, great for anniversary presents.

Did we spark your interest in our RetinaRings?

We furthermore manufacture a wide variety of different wedding rings and other kinds of jewelry. Check out the materials we work with and further topics we engage in.

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The RetinaRing – a declaration of love.

Fascinating, unique and beautiful –  a ring, as individual as its carrier

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